And Then There’s Today

Simple pleasures.

Simple pleasures.

Yesterday was a good day, no doubt about it.  My husband was busy, busy, busy.  Up and down the stairs getting things, sorting things out and just generally enjoying being able to putter around.  He was more animated than he had been in weeks which meant he was providing an opinion on just about everything – which really wasn’t necessary.  He went to bed last night more optimistic than he had been in weeks.  Having a small degree of his mobility back means so much to him.  He was able to do things like have a shower, get the binoculars out to watch the birds, make me a cup of tea, answer the phone when it rang; little things that we don’t think twice about.  These small, inconsequential, mundane things are the things that gave him such pleasure yesterday.

And then we come to today.  When he woke up his left leg was a little tender.  This is the leg that has the blood clot.  The blood clot is quite sizeable – from his groin to his ankle.  It has been just over three weeks since he started his injections and it has taken some time to see the swelling go down.  Today is different.  The leg is down considerably, however, it is also covered in a red rash which is quite painful to touch.  There are also a couple of dime-sized discolorations under his skin – like blood blisters.  The whole thing is alarming to look at.  I contacted the visiting nurse and gave her a general description of what was going on.  She decided that she would stop by the house just to take a look at his leg and the rash.  The nurse was reluctant to provide an explanation as to what was going on, since she herself was not certain.  Her suggestion was to contact our doctor’s office and let the doctor know what is happening.  We did this and now are waiting for a call back.

Despite this bit of a curveball my husband still had a pretty good day today.   Just give him a good day once in a while and it provides him with a world of hope.  Being able to gain back some autonomy (as he did yesterday), was as good as a shot of adrenaline which has lasted through to today.  I can only hope that this latest episode with his left leg is at best minor, or at the least very manageable, it would be nice to sustain his present upbeat outlook.

The Blood Clot – 2 Weeks On

Well it has been two weeks today that we went to the hospital with his blood clot.  It has definitely been slow going.  His leg and foot remain quite swollen and it is still painful to walk on.  It’s taken a toll on him emotionally.  Yesterday he was quite withdrawn and quiet.  It was apparent just looking at him that he was feeling down.  The visiting nurse came by to flush out his picc line and she chatted with him.  He had hoped that his leg would be visibly on the mend and that his mobility would have improved by now.  She reminded him that it was likely to take upwards of two months for his blood clot to disappear completely.  Looking at his leg you can see certain parts where the swelling is going away, but it isn’t going fast enough for him.  Today he woke up with a nasty headache and I have to think it is all related to how unhappy he is right now.

We’ve had a couple of days of lovely weather here in Ontario and unfortunately it has actually made him feel worse.  To have this great weather and not be able to get out and enjoy it is frustrating.  He continues to be lightheaded, likely because of the clot.  His clot was his whole left leg, from his foot to his groin – and the leg/foot can be quite cool to the touch.  His circulation can’t be great which may be what is causing him to feel woozy.  Blood pressure and blood sugars are checked every day and have been pretty good lately.  So our hope is that when more of the swelling goes from his leg, it means an improvement in his circulation and his wooziness will diminish.

It’s only been two weeks of a fairly lengthy process so we have to hope that the next couple of weeks we see significant improvement.  We had put off his chemo treatment for a week to let the leg have time to heal, and I still think this was a good idea, however, we will proceed with chemo next week to keep up the assault on the cancer cells.  In the meantime my role is to try and get him interested and involved in something that keeps his mind off of his leg.  Easier said than done I’m afraid.