#15 – Vitamin C Infusions

In an article written for the Fall 2014 issue of  Renaissance Magazine a couple of success stories related to cancer are highlighted.  One in particular struck me since it was a woman who had twice been given a most dire prognosis (uterine cancer, Stage III non-Hodgkin lymphoma) and who in both instances opted out of chemotherapy preferring to use alternate methods instead.  In an article entitled “Road to Healing” it highlighted how she utilized a strict diet, mostly vegetarian and organic, without sugars, dairy or refined flour foods, as well as 75 gram infusions of Vitamin C twice a week to battle against this disease.  It’s an interesting read and certainly an optimistic one.  “After three months a CT showed, “The lymph nodes had strikingly diminished in size and number since the last scan.” The oncologist confirmed an 84% reduction!”

Apparently Vitamin C infusions are not funded by the government and patients in Canada do have to pay, however, it appears that a number of homeopaths and naturopaths will readily administer them.  The article provided a couple of other links which may be of interest.  http://harmonyprintingdev.com/erenaissance/Fall2014eng/#p=24

Many articles that I have read as we progress through this journey stress the importance of diet modification, especially that of an alkaline diet.  This is one area that we, my husband and I, have definitely made a commitment to changing.  We are more aware than ever or where our food comes and what kinds of foods we are eating.  We have changed the balance of the foods on our plate, more fresh, less processed, and we watch for hidden sugars and chemicals.