#5 – Essiac

This is a “traditional herbal medicine” that has been around since 1922.  Although I was not familiar with it, as soon as we had the diagnosis of cancer at least four different individuals told me to check this out.  One couple that we know routinely drinks the tea as a preventive measure.  The tea, which is quite a process to make, tastes a bit like fenugreek (if you are familiar with that taste).  It is also available in a tincture and in capsule form.  The main ingredients are Burdock RootSlippery Elm Inner BarkSheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root.

This herbal medicine has quite a storied past and is worth reading about. The medicine itself is based on an Ojibway herbal concoction.   When I went on line to see what was available I discovered that there are many different suppliers of Essiac, and apparently some are better than others.  Since I am Canadian I went with the original manufacturer – the price was comparable to any of the others, but the Canadian manufacturer claims to have the original tried and true preparation.

The purpose of these blog posts is not to promote a particular product, but rather to let people know about the options and products that others are using to battle their cancer.  I have no intention of endorsing a particular product, however, in this case, the brand name is the only way to locate this product on line.

With respect to my husband, yes, he is taking the tincture daily.  I’ve informed both the hospital (oncology) as well as the visiting nurse.  The only thing that the hospital asked me to monitor for was was diarrhea – which has not occurred since he started taking this three weeks ago.   So far, so good.