Back to work

I went for a visit with the doctor today, to see if I could return to work tomorrow.  After a good listen to my lungs, she stated the obvious, I still have pneumonia in the right lung and she can hear the wheezing.  Her thoughts about the workplace were fairly rigid.  I can return IF I have an office and can close the door AND if I agree to only do telephone meetings and no face to faces.  Have other people run errands for me, no gadding about in any of the shared spaces, just the washroom and my office.  If I find I am too tired then no going in the next day.  Honour system here, after all, it’s my health not hers we are talking about.  Oh, the doctor can be stern when she has too.

So I tell my daughter the doctor’s terms – and she laughs and laughs.  Ya right mom, that’ll happen.  You have been away for a week, a week – do you know how much stuff has gone done?  It will take you a day to get caught up, and people are not going to want to talk on the telephone!  She’s right, a ton of stuff has occurred, staff movement, new work underway – it’s part of the reason I want to get back!  Why does stuff always have to happen when I am off?  It’s one of life’s sure mysteries.

This last week was a tough one, I must have read 10 paperbacks – a couple of which I had hanging around for a while.  Read some new authors as well –  two of note:  Kate Lord Brown, who wrote The Perfume Garden; and Jo Nesbo, who wrote The Bat.  I was particularly pleased with The Perfume Garden, not my usual genre, so I had expected to struggle and didn’t at all.  Loved that book.  The Bat was more my type and style of book, crime/thriller, and I found it full of twists and pits I didn’t see coming, so a good read.  Add in the usual John Sanford, David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, Robert Tanenbaum and I was pretty much entertained.  It is always nice to find a new author to add into the mix.

So tomorrow, back to the grind.  I have to find a way to stay upright and not nap for at least nine hours. This should be fun.