#2 – An Alkaline Diet

This is the second dietary change we considered.   Apparently cancer thrives in an acidic environment.  Changing the pH of the body can make a significant impact where cancer is concerned.  Having an alkaline diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, will assist in in creating an environment that discourages cancer cells and growth.  Again, I am not an expert on this and would suggest that those who are interested in cancer prevention search this out.

Overall this made sense to us and we made some changes to our diet.  But in our case we don’t have the luxury of time.  Since chemo is underway we need to ensure a lot of protein is included in the diet to rebuild the immune system.   However, we both now start our day with a glass of room temperature lemon water.  And of course fresh fruits and vegetables make up a significant portion of our diet as well.

Lots of good info out there on this one.  Happy researching.