Surgery Update #5

Yesterday was not a great day for my sister-in-law.  Unfortunately they had to increase her level of support on the respirator as well as provide some medication to stabilize her blood pressure.  Earlier in the day apparently she had become quite agitated so they also had increased her sedation to settle her down a bit.  I spoke with a good friend about this and she mentioned that it could, in part, be caused by nicotine withdrawal.  My sister-in-law has a long history of smoking and has tried on numerous occasions to quit – unsuccessfully.  She’s not a heavy smoker but certainly she can be called a long time smoker.  The hospital can prescribe a patch to address this – if we think it is an issue.  This decision will have to rest with her son – I’ve put it forward and that’s all I can do.

This morning she woke up with a bit of a fever.  They have administered some medication and it appears to have brought everything down, but the concern is why does she have a fever?  The surgeon who performed her surgery has been in and done a physical review and is satisfied in that regard, however, he has asked for a CT scan on a priority basis to determine if there is something else going on that is not visible to the eye.  She has been wheeled down for a scan and now we wait to see what the results are.