No Stopping Now

Life is short. The one certain thing from the time you are born is that you will die one day. There are no guarantees and no do-overs. So regardless of what the future holds, you carry on until you can’t. That’s where we are at now. We carry on, we try to do things that we would normally do. But it has to be different. We need to recognize the tremendous energy drain that follows a day of “normal” activity. So for something that is important, we need to have a quiet day beforehand, gathering and storing energy reserves that we will use on the “normal” day.

Today’s “normal” day will be a reception at an art gallery that is about a 2 hour drive away. Dinner out, attend the reception and then head home. This is a little different from our “normal” since before we would hotel it for a night. However, we need the motorized bed, and there’s not a lot of hotels that offer them … A whole marketing opportunity is just waiting out there for the savvy hotel chain. Offer rooms with hospital grade beds for the handicapped. They’d have our business no doubt. I can’t help but see opportunity in marketing and catering to individuals with disabilities beyond the limited scope of handicapped provisions available to the public right now.

For us, we intend to go at full speed ahead. We will do all the “normal” things we once did until we can’t anymore – there’s no stopping now.