The Blood Clot – Days 5 and 6

The blood clot continues to be a significant factor in our day to day lives right now.  The leg remains quite swollen and painful when required for any weight bearing activity.  We had hoped that much like it appeared the clot would leave in a similar fashion, fairly quickly.  Our conversation this morning was about what is normal and what is not with respect to the clot.  There is so much we don’t know – and there are so many variances from person to person that it likely is hard to give a sense of what is normal in these circumstances.  I know we are not entirely out of the woods until the clot is gone.  So although he has been instructed to resume activities – it’s easy for an able bodied person to say but it is frightening for the individual with the clot, he still remains apprehensive about both exercise and fluid intake.  He has no idea about what could aggravate it or how exercise may effect his body.  You need the exercise and movement to prevent the clot, but once you have the clot you worry whether exercise and movement could cause some to break away and do its damage.

Oh well – back to that whole education piece.  Again, its only words on a page that may or may not fit the individual’s lifestyle, situation or specific health concerns.  At least it gives an awareness of potential issues or outcomes.  We, he and I, are the major influencing factors in how this goes.

For those of you that want more information on blood clots, I found a pretty good website.  It has a section for patients and one for healthcare professionals.  I liked their layout better than most of the others I have found so far, it was easy to manipulate.  It is a US-based site and has a patient blog that is fairly active.  You can find it at: