Post Chemo Treatment 2 – Day 6 – More of the Same

Today started off the same as yesterday.  A very unhappy and cranky man.  We argued first thing in the morning, most of the argument was about the things I was doing wrong or wrong about.  Personally I think he has thoughts in his head that he is not sharing and it is influencing his behaviour, that he is sad and perhaps a little depressed.  From observation, I know that his fluid intake has been down now for 36 hours at least.  He asks for drinks but doesn’t drink them.  Everything has a metallic taste, or it is too sweet or too salty.  So I make the drinks and leave them around, but he’s still not really drinking.  He’s not really eating either; same issue – nothing tastes right.  It’s a vicious circle that I suspect could really take him down quick.

This morning he was remarkably light headed. We had planned on a shower, even wrapped his arm up (where the picc line is) and had the water going, but to stand was too much.  He felt like he was going to fall over and that brought on nausea.  We do have a chair in the shower, but the effort of getting there was just too much.  So we decided not today.  I decided it was time to have the visiting nurse in for an assessment.  He may be slightly dehydrated, or it may be a normal part of the process – I don’t know but our nurse, who has been doing this for years – should be able to do a little mental health intervention which will do both me and my husband some good.  Its is almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon, she should be here soon and hopefully we can get back on track.