#8 – Graviola aka Soursop

Graviola, also known as soursop, guanabana, custard apple and others, is a fruit that grows in the rain forests of South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.  There are a number of claims that surround taking this plant, either by capsule, or as it was given to me, in a frozen mulched state.  Articles on the internet make mad claims about this stuff, it is supposed to be a miraculous healer of certain cancers.  Research organizations have countered the wild stories by cautioning that there are not enough studies, particularly on humans, to justify any claims made. 

When I consider this product I do it in light of the cancerous rates that exist in the home countries where the fruit actually grows.  So if claims are made that soursop is effective against liver and breast cancers, then in my simple world, the countries where the fruit is local to should have a low or lower rate of these types of cancers.  So, when considering liver cancer, I went to the World Cancer Research Fund International site, and found the following piece of information:  “The highest incidence of liver cancer was in Asia and Africa; and the lowest incidence in Europe and, Latin America and Caribbean.” (Extracted Aug 6, 2014 at http://www.wcrf.org/cancer_statistics/data_specific_cancers/liver_cancer_statistics.php).   It’s probably not that cut and dried but this was enough for me.

So what do I think about this product.  I think that in the form that I have it, which is a frozen slushy type product, that adding a little to a smoothie presents very low risk.  Like everything else I do, I try the product myself first to see if I have any adverse effects.  If, after a week, I have had no issues, I may introduce it into a smoothie every other day – in small dosages.  This fruit is used in ice creams, sweets and beverages in South America.  I won’t pin my hopes on this one, but I also don’t see too big of a downside.  The cautions about this fruit tend to be associated with ingesting large amounts of it and then there can be a neurological response.  Our use of this product would be quite modest, since anything in large doses has the potential to do harm.

(Disclaimer –  These articles are opinion based and not medically based.  These are my thoughts shared through my blog.  Please remember everyone is different and every cancer is unique to the individual.  Hope is all we have, and I hope by sharing my findings maybe someone out there has a remedy, approach, treatment, supplement that will help in my husband’s battle against cancer.)