Blood Thinning Foods

One of the things we were interested in was adding some naturally occurring blood thinning foods. I mentioned it in a previous post and thank you to my sister who reminded me that my dad had some issues with blood clots. She mentioned garlic as a good addition to the diet. I also went on line and found some other highly recommended foods to support blood health.
Interestingly, we already had most of the foods in our diet.

Fish, ginger, almonds and walnuts and of course garlic were identified as having potential blood thinning properties.  There are lots of herbs, spices and fruits as well that score fairly high in this area.  But the five I just mentioned seem to be on almost every list that I read.

We eat almost all of these regularly but I will make a point of it now, in moderation, since my husband is now on an injectable blood thinner.  Funny enough, even before the clot, one of the things we did early on in this journey was start drinking a health drink shared with us by some friends. It ticks the box when it comes to doing something right in this area.  Although it is a pain to make it is one of the few drinks he actually likes – grated gingerroot, lemon juice and maple syrup over Perrier.  It tastes better than it sounds.  It didn’t stop the clot from happening, but maybe it made it a little less severe, who knows, but the bottom line is it was not a detrimental thing to be drinking.