Dancing Man

Dancing Man, 1982

In Summer 2014 my husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.  It was also in his bones.  In March of 2015, my husband died. This blog reflects the experiences we had while undergoing treatment – experiences with the medical community, the alternative medical options, family and friends throughout this process.  It also reflects my state of mind and emotional outlook after my husband’s death.  It’s new and raw and unfortunately ongoing.  In a sense this serves as my written diary of our, and now my, journey through disease and death.


My thoughts are my own and I express them freely throughout this blog.  My husband and I maintained a constant relationship with the medical community throughout my husband’s illness blended with some alternative medicines.  What was right and what was wrong I don’t know.  Each one of us must make our own decisions.  We tried, however, ultimately it was a battle we lost on March 29, 2015.
My love for you goes on and on and on and on.  Rest in peace Kev.

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  1. I wish you well in your journey and thoughts are with your husband as well. I just started a new blog based on my experience as a caregiver for my mom. Please stop by and visit sometime. Thanks!


  2. Jenny, I knew all of you 26-31 years ago while I was in a relationship with your nephew, Terry. I remember clearly visiting you and Kevin before and after Jessie was born. Your living room was painted almost the same turquoise colour as in the painting above this blog. Terry adored his Uncle and would talk about Kevin regularly, about his taste in music, his sense of humour. He looked up to Kevin, with his pretty wife, Jenny. I am sorry for the painful journey you are all on, for June’s journey. My husband too has cancer and if nothing else, I understand some of this journey. I just wanted to send my love during this time. Hugs.


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