Change is constant.  Movement is part of each and every moment.  We move through time, we grow, we age, we learn and we change.  People change.  I have changed and will continue to change.  The experiences I’ve had, the people I have met, the places I’ve been have shaped how I react and feel and influences my outlook.

I made the comment, “People change” in conversation recently and it was met with skepticism.  But I really believe it is true that people do change.  Consider those couples that marry and seem so in tune with each other, and then a few years later you hear that they have divorced.  Not because of any other reason that something or someone has changed in their relationship and what worked before doesn’t any more.  Or think about those people who learn, out of necessity, that to survive they have to fight for what they want. It may be contrary to their nature, but they adapt to the circumstances.

I am thinking about change because it is coming to my world shortly.  I’ve had my daughter and her family living here with me and they have bought a house and will move in a week.  It was easy with them here, I didn’t have to worry about feeling lonely, since I wasn’t.  But it was tough too, for them and me, the generational divide: a young couple with a 3 year old adapting to someone completely set in her ways.  We’ve had our moments but I wouldn’t change the experience, I would do it again.  I needed them and they needed me.

I suspect that them moving out will force me to change, to find ways to keep busy, to get out there and do things to avoid feeling lonely. It was comfortable not having to push myself, but my new reality is that soon I will be alone again and I need to figure out how to make that work for me.



One comment on “Change

  1. Yes Jenny, you do have a big change coming ahead..believe me there are people that never have to adapt to changes. They have never moved and a family and friends always near I know a few of them. I know I am very very different than them, because of the numerous changes in my life. There is an expression if you really want to know how very strong you are be alone, not easy but so true.


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