My body is a petri dish

Cancer is one of the scariest words I know.  It has the power to cripple the body and the mind. It has plagued my family long enough, we’ve paid our dues.  My mother had breast cancer in her 50s but survived to age 75.  Two of her sisters, my aunts, had cancer; one had breast, the other one lung – one died at 55 the other at 38.  I had a cousin die at 41 – again lung cancer.  My husband, my father-in-law – victims of the disease.  My sister-in-law faced her battle too but here things look good.  There are more I could list but frankly it’s depressing so I won’t.

I have my own theories about it.  About how prevalent cancer is becoming.  I think we have brought it on ourselves and continue to do so.  The preservatives we lace our food with, the genetically modified seeds we grow our crops from, the antibiotics we feed our livestock, the chemicals we put in our water, the polluted air we breathe – unless the human body has the capacity to evolve and adapt at lightning speed I’d have to say we are the masters of our own misfortune.

I think some people have a stronger constitution and can fight off the onslaught from chemicals and foreign substances on our tissues and cells better than others.  I think some are more in tune with their bodies and wellbeing and catch the start of a disease sooner, but I think the disease itself is getting more resilient and more insidious.

What to do?  I think society in general is starting a bit of a movement towards getting back to nature.  We see it in the grocery store where we have labels that state products are non-GMO, organic, pesticide-free, free-range and antibiotic-free. Long overdue, this reversal to more natural products. After all, the pesticides, antibiotics, GMO fruits and vegetables were all created to protect the profit margins of  producers without regard for human consequences.

The human consequences.  Sounds so impersonal.  The big manufacturers and producers will tell us that their modifications allow them to feed more people, to ensure that supply meets demand.  What I want to know is did they do any studies on the long term affects of genetically modified foods, or pesticides, or antibiotics, or even big Pharma and the damn flu shot they try to coerce everyone into taking?  We all know what too much sugar can do, or too much salt, what about all the other crap they put in there to guarantee a longer shelf life, a drought resistant crop, a fatter chicken and on and on?

I guess you just do the best you can do with what you have.  Anything is better than nothing.  Life is so precious and health is worth fighting for.


Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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