Harmony in a Box – 03-10

“Come, come. Please. Are you ready?” A voice faintly echoed in the tiled room.

Startled I look around trying to recognize the voice and locate the sound. Looking over my shoulder I see an attendant motioning with his hand for me to come with him.

“Come. Please. Get ready. Dinner.” The attendant placed a bundle of folded towels and what looked like clothes on a chair just inside the doorway to the bath. Leaving the room with a half bow the attendant disappears behind the wisps of steam rising off the water. I stepped out of the bath, wrapping myself in a towel and take the clothes over to the bed. Fingering the fabric I noticed that the clothes were of a very fine cloth, in an assortment of bright colours, adorned by fine needlework and beads. The clothes although unusual, were loose and flowing and of a comfortable fit. The shoes provided were a soft hide decorated with beautifully coloured stitch ornamentation.

Fully clothed, I sat on the edge of the bed and stared out at the panoramic view through the French doors.   The doors framed a lush green valley encased by mountain summits. One particularly high summit had a snowcap that was picture perfect. The clouds in the background reminded me of scenes from mountain ranges in Quebec. I sat confused in a trance wondering am I in a surrealistic dream? Did I die in the storm? What is happening to me?

With a light tap on the door the attendant appeared and motioned to me, saying. “Follow me.” Walking along the hall I noticed the high ceilings were a white plaster fresco design. The walls were white stucco material and the floor was tiled mosaic in an assortment of patterns and colours. Now evening, the hall was undulating between light and darkness with images dancing off of the flames of the beautiful brass lamps which lit the passage. Our footsteps were silent in the corridor due to the shoe hide on tile.

Silently we walked along the corridor, my mind recognizing that I should be exhausted, however, revelling that, to the contrary, I was experiencing a feeling of rejuvenation. A kind of harmonious serenity was coursing in waves through my body. There was a subtle fragrance in the air that was foreign but pleasing, not overbearing. The gentle sound of chimes could be heard in the distance, radiating chirps of birth and hope. The attendant stopped at a large arched doorway and motioned me to enter the room, he made a half bow as I walked past him.

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