Harmony in a Box – 02-03

I turned as the sound of footsteps on metal broke the introductions. Ascending to the deck through what appeared to be an open hole near the front of the boat, a crewman joined us from the engine room.

“Ready to weigh anchor, Captain.” said the crewman, his eyes swept over us and looked out to the horizon beyond. A solid man about six feet tall, he had thick forearms and strong shoulders evident despite the weatherproof hoodie he wore. The crewman, like the Captain had that weathered, wind burned appearance of someone at home on the ocean.

“This is Len Waites,” introduced Captain Wiggins. Len nodded at us and collectively we responded as one, greeting him with hello.

“Call me Len.” He beckoned us into the galley of the boat. “Follow me and I’ll show you to the bunks, one for the gents, one for the lady.” He led us below deck to two cabins, each held several bunk beds that seemed to crisscross the room. “The Angelica can sleep 10 if she needs to. She’s a beauty, a 60 foot Bonner, as ocean-going vessel if ever there was one. She’s been holding her own for 15 years now. Solid as a rock.” Len gave us a quick tour, indicating where we travelers could find the “head” or lavatory, and around the galley where we could help ourselves to food and drinks.

After the orientation, I immediately returned to the deck. The boat was launched as the Captain and crewman worked hand in hand robotically coiling ropes and maneuvering the sixty foot Angelica out of its mooring. Faster than I expected, the small seaport of Logy Bay and all humanity faded into tiny specks of vibrating lights.

There was something about the ocean air blowing in my face. I opened my nostrils and filled my lungs, breathed in this magic elixir of air, freedom and vastness. Already a crazed feeling of excitement was swelling inside of me. I was amazed, intoxicated with this notion of ocean, air, and sky. I looked into the moon, not full but very bright. As I looked the moon’s light began to pulsate, then the sky. A very high sound was resonating in my head. The ocean was rolling back and forth, the sky pulsating. The ringing in my mind was everywhere getting louder incorporating every sound; the light and sound vibrating together, struggling to make a celestial chord.

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