Harmony in a Box – 02-02

Johnny stopped reading and closed his eyes. He tried to visualize Jamus in his mind. He recalled Jamus as a tall man, heavyset, with flowing shoulder length black hair.  A large handlebar mustache with the upturned ends gave the illusion he was always smiling. He had a short clipped goatee liberally streaked with gray. Jamus’s eyes were a striking gray blue which seemed to look into your spirit when his gaze focused on you. He usually seemed reserved and aloof until he got to know you, and would rather discuss musical ideologies than watch TV. His distant feel was transformed when he laughed which seemed to come from the gut not the mind. Opening his eyes, Johnny shifted slightly in his seat and then resumed reading.


I took a deep breath as I walked on the plank to board the sightseeing boat Angelica . The salt air had a distinctive bite to it, verging into a taste sensation. I looked into the dark sky and gazed at the multitude of stars mapping the universe. I shook the hand of Capt. Wiggins who was on the boat waiting to greet us.

“I see you found her, I trust there was no problem,” said Wiggins with a quick delivery and heavy Newfoundland accent.

I assured him his directions were accurate, and added, ”Thank-you for taking us out at this ungodly hour, but this is the earliest we could make it. Looks like good weather for a cruise; the sea is calm and the night sky clear.”

“Aye, that it is,” responded Capt. Wiggins. “Weather can change on the ocean blue, faster than a twinkling of an eye, but tonight looks fair and calm, indeed it does.”

I made room for the others who were entering onto the deck. They introduced themselves to our Captain, the man we were entrusting with our lives.

“Hello, I’m Neville Jittery, the manager for Psychic Blue.” Neville shook the Captain’s hand quickly, while nervously sizing up the vessel to see if it was well maintained which was impossible to determine in the night darkness.

“And the lovely lady is Miss Bliss, I presume.” The Captain took her hand and kissed it “The Angelica is always honoured to have a pretty woman onboard.” Virginia Bliss smiled and shyly nodded her acceptance on the boat, forgetting her feminist views for a moment and allowing chivalry to reach closure.

“Ahh, Captain, a woman on board is a bad omen, I hope she don’t bring bad luck.” This was said in a gruff voice by the fourth passenger, Herb Taylor, through an open part of his mouth that was not blocked by his cigar. Taylor was a salesman who just happened to inquire about whale watching while on a business trip in St. John’s. He’d been told there was a boat leaving tonight to be returning tomorrow afternoon which fit perfectly with Taylor’s commitments.

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