Harmony in a Box – #01-03

“How could I forget.” said Gigs. ”We were the band with the first Strobe Light.”

The reminiscing began as everyone recounted various shows each were at, sharing road stories. Johnny felt a beautiful calm in him which comes from seeing old friends unexpectedly in unfamiliar surroundings. Then, with sudden realization, Johnny blurted out, “Christ! Gigs the last time I saw you was at that music festival in Newfoundland two years ago! That was the night when Jamus disappeared, it was the last show Psychic Blue did!”

A local radio deejay sitting nearby their table had overheard the conversation. He introduced himself and asked, “You guys were the band Psychic Blue that played with Jamus Wales on his last performance? Can I get your autographs?” The deejay went to get a pen as he explained to his buddy the significance of this chance meeting. “A couple of these guys were in Psychic Blue. They played with Jamus Wales on his last show. I have a bootleg copy of the performance, I hope they sign. There’s not a guitar player alive who wouldn’t give his right arm to play the guitar like Jamus!“ Everyone within earshot nodded in agreement. “Jamus left right after the show with his manager and a promoter to go on whale watching boat tour. Once they got out to sea a terrible storm hit them and that’s the last anyone saw of Jamus Wales, the boat or anyone aboard. They were never found. As they say, all were presumed dead, resting in Davey Jones’ Locker.”


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