Take A Moment

Just a brief blog at this point, not meant to be depressing or gloomy, rather meant to be honest.

Take a moment and look around you at the people you have in your life – and just appreciate them for who and what they are.   If you love them let them know.  Don’t assume that your actions are enough, say the words.

I was very fortunate to have the time to love and enjoy Kevin right up to his death.  For me and the kids there was nothing left unsaid.  We had the privilege of closure.  Others I know have not been so lucky.  I think of my friends and my workplace and I know several people who lost a spouse or a child way, way too suddenly.  Because it wasn’t supposed to happen.  There is a complacency that we tend to get when we are comfortable and happy.  Things happen to other people, not to us.  And this is the way it will continue to be, until it does happen to you.

For some they will coast through life to it’s end, but even then, at a ripe old age a partnership will be dissolved.  I hope that most of you are able to coast, but while you do, take the time to ensure that the people that are important to you know that they are.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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