Realities after a death

There are many things that need to be done after someone dies. The funeral home was quite helpful working with me to fill out some of the government forms, and they also provided me with a three tier priority list of notifications that should be made to avoid frustrations and issues in the future.  My first priority after doing the government notification of death (SIN, CPP) was to get Kevin’s income tax filed.  That was my main chore for today.

First I gathered all my receipts and government issued forms for both Kevin and me. I also included receipts for drugs not entirely covered by our medical plan. I included the major furniture purchase of his lift chair. Also detailed for the accountant was the number of trips we made to the hospital for various procedures and treatments. Any distance over 40 kilometers can be claimed for mileage, parking and meals. Our trip just squeaked by at 42 km one way. Kevin had more than 20 visits to the hospital between July and December – poor guy.

I was informed that I had to file this year’s income tax as though my husband was still alive, so no proof of death or certified Will was required; next year I will need to provide these items.  When I met with the accountant she questioned some of my receipts – I had included supplements prescribed by the doctor, but available over the counter – these did not qualify.  The mileage and parking was fine, but there was no reimbursement for meals since the government stipulates that to qualify you have to be in excess of 70 km from your home address.   The accountant provided me with a form to take to my doctor which may allow us to revisit his Income Tax return (he owed quite a bit!).  The form was for a Disability Pension – how this works is beyond me, I’ll just see if the doctor will complete it and then I am to call back the accountant one way or the other.

Since I was on a roll I came home and completed more forms to change my beneficiaries and update my marital status with my employer.  I tackled the request that I had received from my husband’s pension board for copies of all the necessary documents to get his survivor’s benefits request underway.  They needed proof of death, proof of marriage, proof of birth for both of us, and a copy of the will.  Fortunately I had all of these things filed and on hand.

When I look at the checklist that the funeral home gave me I realize how much is involved.  So I will work my way through it one item at a time.   It was a rainy day – perfect day to do such depressing stuff.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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