What To Say

I really don’t know what to put in this blog. We have not had a great go with the pneumonia but thought that really focusing on clearing that up would be the start of forward progression again. Apparently this was not to be.

The doctor was by yesterday and the discussion was about end of life planning. The cancer seems to have spread to the lymph nodes in the neck which is the cause of the neck/shoulder pain. Our doctor felt that a CT scan would be a lot of effort for very little purpose. At present my husband is very weak and so there is no likelihood that he would be able to have a chemo treatment. The pneumonia is still in the lungs. His breathing is quite labored and his oxygen was increased substantially. The doctor prescribed prednisone to help clear the lungs as well as a twice daily oxygen treatment. She also ordered a pain pump which arrived and was installed the same afternoon.

The doctor also strongly urged me to have our sons come home for a visit this weekend. She felt that this would provide the most optimal circumstances for a visit but recommended limited time and access. My husband is very weak and very tired from the pain and the pneumonia and too much exertion will put him at risk. So I called the kids and we will have a family weekend this weekend.

Today we set up new digs for my husband in the living room. A hospital bed and table arrived and have been set up along with his lift chair. The stairs are too risky – if he were to fall it would have dire consequences. He is just too wobbly to go far.

His friends and mine have kept in constant contact and for that I am thankful. I wish I could say come on over – but I can’t. My poor baby needs to sort out his thoughts first and then face the world.

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