Baby Steps

Presently my husband continues to battle with pneumonia. Our GP as well as the visiting nurse are keeping a close watch on him. He is very weak and unable to walk more than two steps at a time. His daily routine had diminished significantly. Whereas in the past he always incorporated exercise of some sort into his routine, for the last few days even that has not been possible.

The pneumonia continues to crackle in his chest and coughing is very painful. However it is a productive cough and he is getting up some of the nasty stuff. He takes a TCM syrup to help soften the phlegm. It is an expectorant so it has helped considerably, but regardless the coughing is painful and seems to happen at the most inconvenient times.

We talked about getting in some more supports to make life a bit easier and the visiting nurse has put our request in motion. We will get a lightweight wheelchair, an air cushion, and a pain pump for his pain medication. Managing the pain and clearing the pneumonia are all we are focused on at present since both have taken his physical capacity to almost zero. We also will get in some personal support workers a couple of times a week commencing in the very near future. This will allow him to build a relationship with some of them in the event his needs change dramatically in the near future – it won’t be strangers coming in to assist us.

All this will be done to prepare for a worst case scenario; needless to state, we always hope for a best case scenario. Clearing the pneumonia will increase his energy levels, re-establish his routine and perk up his interest in life in general. It truly is one day at a time right now.

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