Radiation Pain

This radiation treatment has resulted in side effects much similar to the last one.  The pain is quite significant, to the point where I wonder if my husband wouldn’t be better off in the hospital.  The treatment was on Friday so we are now four days out and have to hope that the “spike” associated with the treatment is now on the downswing.  This process is incredibly hard to watch.  There were three spots on his spine radiated that included vertebra in his cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.  The lumbar spine has some minor swelling especially after he has been seated for a period of time.  Lying down aggravates his cervical spine and breathing hurts his thoracic spine, consequently he is breathing quite shallow.  Its frightening to observe and obviously horrible to experience.

As a result of the radiation, chemotherapy has been delayed for one week until he has rebounded somewhat and the pain is more controlled.  This next treatment will be his third with this particular chemotherapy drug, Docetaxel.  Our Oncologist has asked for a CT Scan for mid-March to determine if the treatment is having any success.  The treatments are certainly starting to wear him down and we’ve talked generally about his options if the chemo isn’t working it’s magic.  These are hard conversations, but not as hard as watching him suffer, especially if it is needlessly.  We will wait until the scan.

We also continue to wait for our third grandchild.  Our daughter is having her first baby and the due date has now passed.  We know she is having a little boy who, no matter what, will be saddled with the nickname Chip.  For now, again, we wait.

As for my sister-in-law, she’s had a very tough week between her water pipes bursting,her furnace being shut down as unsafe (in minus 30 degrees Celsius weather) and the uncertainly surrounding her chemotherapy treatment.  Today was her visit with her Oncologist to find out what and how they wanted to proceed with her treatment.  Things did go her way which is a good thing.  The visit to Oncology netted a positive outcome – no more chemo but they will monitor her closely through tests and scans conducted every three months for perpetuity.   She also was able to line up technicians to replace her furnace in the morning and finally have some warmth back in her house.

Tomorrow is another day and who knows what it will bring.  For me, I hope it brings some relief to my husband, some warmth for my sister-in-law and a new grandchild into our little family.


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