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The Travellers aren't going anywhere too fast.  The snow just keeps coming!

The Travellers aren’t going anywhere too fast. The snow just keeps coming!

A few things have happened in the last week that have had some impact on our circumstances.  First and foremost, my sister-in-law has been taken off of her chemotherapy treatment.  She has had a series of issues with her ileostomy that appear to be aggravated by the chemo she was on.  As a result, at her last meeting with the Oncologist, he made the decision to stop her chemotherapy until her stoma has had a chance to heal.  She had her picc line removed as well, since the Oncologist believes that it is unlikely that she will be able to commence this type of treatment again.  There are other options for her, but until her stoma heals he is reluctant to put her through anything more.  It’s somewhat bittersweet – there’s relief that the chemo has stopped, but it is likely short-lived and, as well, there is the ongoing fear of the potential for the disease to return.  So although it was nice for her to not have to endure the physical pain and associated issues with her treatment, there is still a need for treatment and this reprieve is likely a short one.  At present it is a “wait-and-see” approach.  She’s still tired and has limited energy but at least now she can focus her energies on healing.

As for my husband, his cervical spine has been very painful and is draining all his physical energy.  He hates taking pain killers because they make him feel dopey but it is better than being in agony.  Sleep tends to evade him since finding a comfortable position is a challenge.  As a result of his discomfort we spoke with the Radiologist to explore what his options were.  Out of that conversation an MRI was scheduled at the hospital to look at his spine to get an accurate assessment of what is going on.  So today was MRI day – it was a long scan taking about one hour to complete.  We meet with the radiologist next week to get her recommendation on treatment.

We are entering the final days of waiting for our third grandchild to be born, our daughter’s first child.  She is having a little boy who already has been nicknamed Chip.  She’s had a good pregnancy, but in the last couple of weeks developed a cough and subsequently dislocated a rib.  That was about two weeks ago and things had started to heal and then yesterday doesn’t she pop it again – poor kid, she’s in a fair bit of pain and knows that the rib could be an issue at delivery time. This baby has been one of the most key motivators for my husband in staving off his cancer and we are almost there!

The weather here continues to be cold, cold, cold.  We have had some serious snowfall and now we are entering a deep freeze.  So cold that my outdoors cats will only sniff the air when I open the door to let them out – they sniff and then run back in the house.  My little dog lasts about a minute outside, I’ve never seen her be more efficient at doing her business.  There are a few more days of this weather and then hopefully it will break.  When it gets to minus 20 or minus 30 Celsius the air literally can take your breath away.  So no walks for us at the present.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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