How I Wish

How I wish the only news in the world was good news.  I wish that I had the ability to will things away.  I wish that I could take all the pain and sorrow and bear it myself – even if it is just for one day.  I wish I had the power to change the things that are – not all of them but definitely some of them.  I wish sometimes that I didn’t feel, didn’t care – it would be so much easier.

The news was not great, my husband’s cancer has spread in his bones – so more radiation I believe.  The pain is wearing him down, how I wish the news had been better.

4 comments on “How I Wish

    • It wasn’t great news, but truly it would have been remarkable if he got off so easily. We know that this battle will be tough and so, although it wasn’t pleasant to hear, it wasn’t a complete surprise. I guess you understand this very well – I read your blog regularly and have to say you have a great attitude – keep on hitting those goals. I hope too that you get to England for that visit!


  1. I don’t know what is worst, going for the tests or already knowing the results.
    I’m still having problems and I had emergency ultrasound yesterday for my barrel looking belly. My cancer treatment has been increased and progression is quicker than we like but I shall continue the fight as long as I’m able too. The UK has been delayed for a few months as I have serious of appointments over the next couple of months but I’m determine to get over there. Always thinking of you guys. Kat 😄


    • Oh Kat – I am sorry to hear your news but I think that the mind is an incredibly powerful thing. Keep planning and working towards your goals there are amazing products, procedures, and treatments developed every day. I know that you will get over to the UK. Keep us posted on your progress – you have such an upbeat way about you in your blog – it is quite inspiring. Jenny


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