Prednisone Withdrawal

Broken, corroded and useless ...

Broken, corroded and useless …

We are coming to the end of the treatment cycle for prednisone. My husband had started off at 12 tablets or 60 mg. We have systematically reduced the dosage by 2 tablets every 5 days. We are now at a dosage of 2 tablets or 10 mg.

The decreasing dosage continues to have impacts on my husband. The fatigue associated with it is quite overwhelming. At least we believe the two to be connected. Dark eyes and low morale and absolutely no energy have been his reality for the last couple of days. He called the family GP this morning since he needs the assurance that how he is feeling is from the drug and not the cancer.

This is the legacy of cancer – it undermines everything. A pain, an ache, a sore muscle – any of these relatively mundane complaints can send thoughts spiraling about cancer’s stealthy attack.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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