Today’s Hospital Visit

Today I managed to get over again during the day to visit with my sister-in-law.  A number of her machines have been removed as she continues to progress forward.  Today when I saw her she looked absolutely exhausted.  Not only that, it was also apparent that she felt miserable and was in no mood for company.  Through simple signs she managed to tell me she had a headache, was completely exhausted and her that her stomach was causing her discomfort.  I spoke with the nurse assigned to her and she told me that my sister-in-law had a good day from the perspective of making strides forward.  There was not much they could do for the headache since my sister-in-law had tugged out her nose line which was how they administered her Tylenol.  The stomach pain could be addressed by removing some of the gas that had accumulated and the nurse went about doing that.

Although she was pretty tired we visited for about 45 minutes.  In the last few days she has made some pretty incredible strides forward, however, she is still in Intensive Care.  Her breathing is laboured, although she is breathing on her own now – through the tracheostomy.  She has a lot of congestion in her lungs and is being suctioned every few minutes, as well as taking medication to break it up.  It is exhausting work trying to cough up all that phlegm as well as breathing on her own after three weeks on a machine.  So she’s tired and frustrated.  A couple of times she pointed to herself and mouthed “stupid”.  Somehow she figures that this was all her fault.  I suspect that the road ahead of her is a tough one and she will be tired and frustrated throughout, but each day she is getting stronger.  It will be a momentous event when she finally is transferred out of the ICU.

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