ICU Update

The past three days have been very significant in my sister-in-law’s progress.  Although unable to speak she has managed to be very expressive!  Remember the song Bette Davis Eyes – well that’s her.  Facial expressions, nodding and shaking her head, moving her arms and using her eyes – it’s all happening.

She’s put together back-to-back “good” days and the doctors are very pleased with her progress.  I have to laugh, when things aren’t looking so good you see the doctor pretty much only on rounds.  When a patient is starting to come along, perhaps better than anticipated, everyone wants a piece.  When I arrived for a visit on Monday she had two doctors in checking on her, and not on rounds.  Let’s face it, everyone loves a good news story.  I tend to think that is what is happening here.  My sister-in-law has turned a corner and her determination and will is starting to show.  Once they remove the tracheostomy she will have her voice back and then things will really start to happen fast.  The fact that she was remarkably healthy in her lifestyle and physical activity has probably been the biggest boon to her progress.  Hopefully any future setbacks are minor in nature and she can get on with the serious business of healing.

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