Moving Ahead

Today will be an exhausting day for my sister-in-law.  They plan on removing the intubation and inserting a tracheostomy.  Although this sounds quite invasive, the trach will likely be relief for her throat.  She’s had the tube in for almost two weeks and it must have rubbed her throat quite raw.  The positioning of the trach is much lower and therefore less likely to irritate.  When I visited yesterday I got the sense that my sister-in-law is ready to move forward.  Although she is still sedated and semi-conscious I got the feeling that she was registering everything and also that she was quite frustrated, I actually told my husband that she seems pissed off, she’s had enough and you can tell.  It must be awful to be so powerless, semi-aware of what is going on around you relating to your body, but unable to have any say in it.  Just wait until she has her voice back.

I suspect that removing the intubation will be a good thing.  It will mean less apparatus around her head and also allow for better communication.  A trach has less likelihood of infection – or so they tell us, which is another good thing.  Her sons are at the hospital with her now awaiting the ENT doctor who will do the tracheostomy.  Apparently it is a relatively quick procedure.

It is a slow but steady process my sister-in-law is engaged in.  I have been told that there will continue to be good days followed by not so good days, and this indeed has been the case.  Yesterday and last night were both good, we will have to see how today’s procedure affects her but it is most likely to be quite unsettling.  Good days and bad days, we are learning to roll with it.

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