Surgery Update #6

It was a day filled with worrying.  Worrying whether progress was being made, why it seems to be taking so long for my sister-in-law to bounce back and, in general, what is going on.  Although we continue to worry we did get the results of the CT Scan.  The results were encouraging as they did not identify any further concerns or issues.  The fact of the matter is she had two surgeries in a very short period of time and it is just taking her that much longer to bounce back.  Today they did make some modifications to her treatment plan including increasing her level of food intake, providing a digestive aid to get things moving and changing the antibiotics she is receiving.  She continues to have some congestion in her lungs, so hopefully the new antibiotics will remedy that.  She remains sedated and intubated at the present.

Knowing that it is time and patience versus another concern or health issue alleviates the strain somewhat but not completely.  It’s a long road back and we need her to start the journey.  There is an irony in this whole episode with my sister-in-law.  When she was diagnosed with cancer my husband chided her saying, ‘You’re probably Stage 1, that’s nothing, a little surgery and you’ll be cancer free.’  I have to say that her experience has been terrifying, equally as fearful as my husband’s at Stage 4.  Cancer at any stage can have monstrous, life-altering implications.

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