Surgery Update #4

Today’s visit to the hospital found my sister-in-law’s appearance relatively unchanged.  She continues to be intubated although over the last 24 hours the doctor has commenced weaning her slowly off of the respirator.  Today as they reduced her support she picked up the pace quite nicely.  Her colour was off, likely the result of exertion since she has been breathing with support since Sunday morning.  Her level of sedation continues to be reduced.  Her vitals are good and the hospital staff are pleased with her numbers.  The bloating in her midriff has started to come down.  She still has significant water retention evident in her legs, arms and hands, but all things in time.  She is starting to dispel some of the retained fluids, and again, the hospital is pleased with her progress in this area.

By way of a status update – she continues in the right direction, slowly, safely and under watchful eyes.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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