My Husband’s Future Outlook

St. John's, Newfoundland.  God willing we will be back for another visit.

St. John’s, Newfoundland – A view of the harbour taken through our hotel room window . God willing we will be back for another visit.

On the same day as my husband had his CT scan, my sister-in-law had her surgery.  It’s been a crazy mixed up world since that day and in the craziness the amazing news that my husband got was diminished.  It’s hard to appreciate what he was told by the Oncologist when his sister is sedated and intubated at the hospital.

What my husband was told was remarkable.  The Oncologist had been somewhat guarded in our meeting on the 21st of October, qualifying his statements necessarily, advising that he wanted to have a peer review and further consultation on the CT film.  He telephoned us that Thursday to tell us that his original impressions were supported by his peers.  Although some areas of my husband’s lungs are still obscured by pleural effusion, those areas that are clear – ARE clear.  The nodules were no longer in evidence in the lungs and the location of the mother tumor, where visible on the CT film, appeared clear as well.  The bony lesions are healing.  The Oncologist was very pleased to relay this information stating it was one of the best results from chemotherapy he has seen.

What does this mean for the future?  Two medical tests are set within the next week; another CT scan then a couple of days later a pulmonary function test.  In the interim my husband has been prescribed antibiotics as well as prednisone to help improve his physical health.  We have also heard from a separate medical agency that administers a bone infusion and hope to have this treatment started in the next week or so.  Regardless of what the next CT scan shows it sounds like there is more chemotherapy planned for the second week of November.  How many sessions will be determined based on the results of the two tests I imagine.

This excellent news has started to register with my husband who is cautiously optimistic, however, the situation with his sister has definitely cast a pall over what should be an exceptionally joyous outcome.  The worry and fear has created stress and tension within the immediate members of the family.  Where there should be cohesion there is friction and it affects all of us.  We need her back and we need it soon.

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