Now What?


Yesterday was definitely a high point in our journey to date.  It was unfortunate that my husband was so ill while we were at the hospital for this appointment.  He definitely had an adverse reaction to the CT preparation that he’d had to drink the day before.  When we had met with the nurse prior to our appointment to go over vitals, etc., the nurse and I talked about how terribly he had reacted to the CT scan while he sat there clutching his little puke bag.  It’s not unknown for patients undergoing chemotherapy to have a different reaction versus their pre-chemo CT scan experience. Apparently it’s not uncommon to experience severe abdominal cramps, diarrhea or vomiting.  I wish we had of known, it would have eased some of the tension associated with our visit.  The night before our visit my husband had felt like the cancer was winning and it was a real challenge to get him to his appointment.  Oh well, that’s past history now and we move to the present.

Presently, he’s still not feeling great.  Today he had wanted to wake up and feel so different, but unfortunately it was more of the same.  Yes he had great news, and psychologically it was a real boost, but it didn’t change his existing physical challenges.  He’s rather beat up right now.  He still has his blood clot, although the leg is coming down quite nicely now.  The area of his leg that remains swollen is from the tips of his toes to his knee – previously it had been all the way up to his groin.  He has the purpura and petechiae, although this too seems to be lessening; he was given a prescription for antibiotics that should help.  He has the new concern of pleural effusion in his lungs to contend with.  His sense of taste is still off which makes him miserable.  His fingers and toes are exceptionally sensitive to hot, cold and touch. Perhaps most significant – he still has the fatigue associated with chemotherapy.  Next week we will meet with the Oncologist who will have had a chance to review the CT scan with his peers.  We are mindful that this group of experts may identify issues or concerns that may not be so good.  At this meeting we will find out his future treatment plan – most likely including more chemotherapy, scans, tests, blood work, appointments, etc.  Although we do have reason to be more hopeful about his prognosis, we recognize that we still have a lot of hard work, education, treatment and unknowns ahead of us.

We did get over to see his sister at the hospital.  She came through the surgery well, however, she is experiencing considerable pain and discomfort.  She has developed swelling in both of her legs.  The nurses are pressing her to walk but she isn’t feeling too steady or solid on her feet.  She did have a chance to meet with the surgeon who encouraged her to keep mobile but not at the cost of significant physical pain.  During our visit she appeared quite wan and exhausted which is a little worrisome.  While we were there she had a few other visitors so we didn’t stay long.  She had originally told us that she thought that she would be released on Thursday but I just don’t see it happening; another day or two would give peace of mind since she is not bouncing back quickly.

For me, I sit here and wonder now what?  Two siblings on a similar path – both of them travelling down it at the same time.  Kinda like having twins – I just wasn’t ready for it.

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