The Doctor Visits

Family is forever.

Family is forever.

Our GP stopped by yesterday, gloved and masked since she herself has been battling a bit of a bug.  My husband is paranoid about germs, always has been – he had on his mask.  It was quite comical looking at him, the doctor and my sister-in-law after she arrived – all masked up chatting away in the living room.  I felt totally secure, after all everyone was busy inhaling their own germs, what would I need a mask for?  Anyway, the doctor stated she thought that it was time for a visit since she hadn’t seen him for a few weeks.  Really she was there to do an emotional gauge.  Monday is CT Scan day and also my sister-in-law’s surgery day – both are heavy on everyone’s mind.

I notice a significant change in my sister-in-law, the nerves are showing – she’s pushing herself pretty hard but is obviously exhausted. Somehow she’s managed to stay remarkably upbeat which I thank her for, I know she’s doing this for her brother.  He’s worried about her so I know she’s trying to reduce his anxiety by staying as positive as she can.  Ask him if he’s anxious and he’ll say no that this is just another curveball in life – but I suspect he is and it is feeding into his headaches and extreme fatigue.

The doctor was here for about 45 minutes.  One of the things we discussed was the purpura and petechiae on his left leg.  In the last day or so it was looking a lot less angry and the swelling in the calf had started to come down. The doctor wanted us to know that with his platelets dropping after chemo it was possible that it could flare up again.  We need to ensure that the skin is well hydrated and that if there are any breaks in his skin to immediately start applying an antibiotic cream twice a day.   I have a feeling we will see our GP at the house again by the end of next week.  I think she recognized how high his anxiety level was and will check in after his chemo next Wednesday.

Regardless of how everyone is feeling we decided to plan a nice roast beef dinner for his sister.  She’s been hankering for one and so no problem – that’s easy to deliver.  We will do a traditional Sunday dinner with all the fixings – even if nobody eats it the table will still look nice and the house will smell great.

We need all the positive thoughts we can get – so send them our way.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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