The Blood Clot – One Month Later

Have to get things flowing again.

Have to get things flowing again.

It is one month since the blood clot became part of our cancer journey.  The clot was quite sizeable so it is no surprise that it will take some time for it to dissolve – however, we had hoped that most of it would be gone by now and it is not.  My husband’s blood clot was from his ankle to his groin, as a result his left leg swelled up significantly and became quite shiny.  It is still a significant size.  The blood clot appears to be slowly dissolving, with the top of his thigh to his knee showing the most marked reduction.  The calf/shin and foot have improved marginally.  However the swelling is still very apparent, for example, if he crosses his ankles or his legs the indentation that results to his left leg makes it look deformed.  Needless to say I am relentless in making sure he doesn’t cross anything!

On his left leg the purpura and petechiae are still quite vivid.  There has not been a significant change in their appearance.  The front of his shin is covered from knee to ankle, and the petechiae has spread to the back of his heel.  This is the only area that it has spread to since it developed, and I wonder if this is a result of putting on/taking off his shoe on that foot.  We had been told that any bumps, pressure or knocks to his skin can result in more discoloration and purpura.  (The petechiae is rash-like in appearance whereas the purpura present as purple spots under the skin.)   His skin on the left shin and foot remains quite tender to touch.

Once again, it appears that we are playing the waiting game for these ailments to go away.  The blood clot seems to be taking its time, and any reading I’ve done on the purpura/petechiae suggests that it will go away somewhere within 6 to 8 weeks.  Just seems to be one thing after another.

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