Today Was a Decent Day

The title of this painting is "The Musicians".   With all that chemo splashing around in his veins, it will be interesting to see what his next painting looks like!

The title of this painting is “The Musicians”.
With all that chemo splashing around in his veins, it will be interesting to see what his next painting looks like!

For the first time in weeks it seems, today was a decent day.  It started off a little rocky, there was some nausea, but as the day progressed my husband started to visibly improve.  He knew that today had to be heavy on the proteins.  The chemo has gone through him and wiped out all his blood cells so he needs the protein to rebuild.  The toxins from the chemotherapy also still need to be flushed out – so a day that would also be heavy on fluid intake.  He was game.  By mid afternoon he was starting to perk up.  This was a good thing.  His taste buds are still off – at dinner tonight he informed me that most of the food I served him was a little “off” but since it didn’t seem to bother me, he ate the food anyway.  This was quite funny really – the two big culprits were white rice and water.

He’s busy painting a submission for an art exhibition right now – which is another good thing.  We’ve rigged up an arrangement where he can keep his left leg elevated in deference to his blood clot and still paint at an easel.  The clot is still very apparent and his leg is still very swollen.  By the end of the day his foot is smooth and shiny and his ankle is completely puffed up.  Despite the swelling the pain has begun to subside which suggests he is well on the way to recovery.  Not out of the woods completely but hopefully close.

There’s always a hitch though.  On the 20th of this month he goes for a CT scan.  There are three potential outcomes: 1) the chemotherapy is not working; 2) the chemotherapy has managed to stop the progression of the cancer, and 3) the chemotherapy has managed to reduce the presence of some of the existing cancer.   He told me tonight that the chemotherapy has taken a significant toll on him physically and mentally and that, depending on the outcome of the CT scan, he has decided that he may take a break from the treatment.   I know that when he starts to feel better, like he is now, he’s loath to go back in for another treatment.   It’s important that he have a sense of control in his own wellbeing, and also the knowledge that he can and will feel better.  There will be much more conversation in this regard prior to the 20th but for now there will be no more dialogue on this topic – decisions will be made after we get the CT scan results.

The sun shone today in more ways than one.

2 comments on “Today Was a Decent Day

  1. You cannot accept everything a doctor says, they make mistakes too…so many down here…they tell people “you have 3 months left” when that passes these poor people don’t know what to do, they have arranged everything, prepared everyone yet they live on… fellow was in hospital, told he was full of cancer, dying, was there for several weeks when a new MD walked in and asked if he wanted to go home, he told him no, he was dying of cancer, Md told him “no, you do not have cancer, go home”, he is at home now in great health, others do will themselves to die even when told they have very slow growing cancers and are likely to die of old age first. Everyone is unique.

    As for Kevin’s cancer, is he on home oxygen? You haven’t mentioned it, I find my clients who are on home O2 have a more difficult time, are more advanced. I do have a 76 yr old lady I do chemo disconnects on who has had several surgeries, radiation, and is on her 4th course of chemo, (has had chemo x 8 x 4) she gets the CT scans done, if it’s back she tells them to take it out, then goes through everything again, her chemo may lay her low for a day or 2 but then she bounces right back, says she is alive and is going to enjoy what time she has left…great lady, she knew ma too.

    Another client of mine was just advised that he didn’t need all the radiation or chemo he has been going through since they did get all the cancer when they operated, he is pissed but say’s hey I am alive and ok…

    It’s all in the outlook…

    If the chemo is effective it is in Kevin’s best interest to continue with it as per protocol, any gaps allows regrowth and possibly, tolerance development to the chemo………….


    • Hello Glenda – No he’s not on home oxygen at this point. When he was diagnosed we were sucked into the vortex of “get your affairs in order.” We had meeting upon meeting with support workers, doctors and other community groups to ensure that we understood what was coming our way, we signed the DNR and were educated about EDITH (Enabling Death In The Home). In July truly his prognosis was quite grim and at first it appeared to be correct, I was worried he would not see his birthday. So because the machine started to churn back then at intake, we have equipment at the house now, mobility aids more than anything else, but I have all the contacts made and ready to go. He is not a candidate for surgery obviously, but I did research the cryosurgery which seems feasible and I shared this with Oncology at his hospital. I don’t think our hospital offers it but may consider bringing it on to their roster of available treatments. I firmly believe that he will continue on with the chemo since we have a grandson on the way and there is no way he’s going to miss that.


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