Post Chemo Treatment 3 – Day 2

It’s been two days since my husband had his third chemo treatment.  His response after this treatment has not been as severe as after his second treatment.  I have to say the second treatment must have been distorted by the developing blood clot and thrush.  So far this treatment appears to have been better, however, it is still too early to tell.

Yesterday my husband was able to take a litre of hydration given over the course of 5 hours.  Today he was not so lucky.  When the visiting nurse arrived to set up the drip his blood pressure was remarkably high, we felt it was too high for him to take the hydration.  He’s had heart issues in the past and the saline solution might put too much strain on his heart.  We opted to forgo the treatment for today and try again tomorrow.  This meant that we had to focus on getting him to drink around 2 litres of clear fluid on a day when he felt quite nauseous.  The day is almost over and I am afraid we have missed the mark by between 1/2 to 3/4 of a litre.  The visiting nurse will come by in the morning so we have to hope that his blood pressure is at a more respectable rate.  The hydration is key to flushing out the chemo drugs and improving how he feels.

The blood clot continues to be a concern in his leg.  The swelling is still significant, however, it has not moved to any other area of his body as far as we can see.  He was not able to get much exercise in today at all.  He has very low energy and feels under the weather – which is normal for this point in the chemo cycle.  So a day where very little was said or done but where he has managed to get a lot of rest.  Tomorrow is a new day.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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