Pre-Chemo Visit – Our Second Try



Today was our pre-chemo consultation with the Oncologist.  We’d postponed my husband’s last treatment in an effort to give his body a chance to address both the blood clot and the thrush. The thrush is almost gone and so is no longer an issue.  The blood clot on the other hand, continues to be quite persistent.  His leg from hip to ankle continues to remain swollen.  It remains painful to walk on, but we have commenced daily walks again.  He continues to get his daily injection but the process is slow.  We spoke with the Oncologist about it – is it normally this slow to dissolve a clot.  Her response was yes – it takes quite some time, and he did have a large clot.  I asked about compression stockings – her response was – not yet.  The swelling has to go and then the stockings/socks would be ordered as a preventive measure.

The Oncologist asked my husband if he wanted to defer his chemo treatment for another week.  They chatted for a minute or two about it, and he decided that he would go ahead.  His rationale was that he felt so lousy anyway for the week he took off of chemo, he should have had the treatment.  He continues to experience waves of nausea and lightheadedness.  This we discussed with the Oncologist.  She attributes the lightheadedness to blood pressure.  His blood pressure drops considerably when going from lying to sitting, or sitting to standing – around 14 points.  Slow and steady is his rule for movement.  The nausea could just be his particular experience with the chemo treatment.  It may just be that he needs to use the anti-nausea medication on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of the nausea.  All in all it was a good visit, especially since I didn’t have to do the daily injection – the doctor did it!  I just cannot get used to giving that thing.

So chemo treatment 3 will go ahead on Wednesday – hydration has already been ordered for at least two to three days after his treatment.  After that the moment of truth – he is scheduled for a CT scan to see if the treatments are effective.  The CT scan is set for the 20th of October.  I sure hope the news is good news!

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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