Pre Chemo Treatment #3 and the Blood Clot

So last night we had a conversation about the upcoming chemo treatment.  It has been weighing heavy on his mind since he got the blood clot.  His leg is still very swollen and we know that it will take upwards of two months before it is back to normal.  We realize that he will remain on the injections long after that.  We decided to talk to the Oncologist about the risks of having chemo with his circulation impeded by such a large clot.  The Oncologist assured us that many cancer patients end up with blood clots and are able to continue with their treatments.  Despite his assurances we decided to postpone the chemo treatment for one week.  His Oncologist was absolutely fine with this.  I think the doctor recognized that my husband was feeling quite “beat up” by the events that occurred after the last treatment.  The delay is more of an opportunity for my husband to rebound and get back a semblance of wellbeing before we go in for round three and knock him down again.

So we left the hospital with the understanding that the Oncologist would reschedule the chemo treatment and that he would also be requisitioning a CT scan after the next round of chemo to see how things were going.  Indeed a couple of hours later we received a call from the hospital setting up the alternate arrangements and faxing through an order for blood work to our local lab.  So that’s all arranged and taken care of and it is truly a relief.

Here’s my thoughts on all of this.  No doubt about it, our bodies are quite miraculous, we regenerate and heal in ways beyond comprehension or explanation.  But everything has a limit.  In the last 10 days my poor husband has started on medication for thrush as well as a blood clot.  This is enough for the body to process right now.  It felt like we could be going into overload if we threw the chemo in there as well.  It seems better to allow his system to focus on remedying those two new challenges before we literally blasted it with the chemo.  So we opted for the week, breathed a big sigh of relief and came home to have a nap since the worry preceding this appointment had left us with very little in the tank.

I want to share an excerpt from and article I found online while researching blood clots, it’s from the UK and was written after the untimely death of an actress.  It says:  “Doctors are increasingly realising that many cancer patients do not die from the cancer itself but from clots that may have been preventable.  Shocking figures from the charity Lifeblood show that for every seven cancer patients who die in hospital, one will succumb not to the disease itself, but to pulmonary embolism, one of the main causes of death linked to blood clots. …  Lifeblood is campaigning for better education within the medical profession about the connection between cancer and clots.”  (Source: retrieved Sept. 22, 2014.)

With cancer there are so many threats out there.  It is very important to understand what you are dealing with, but it is hard to learn and comprehend an unfamiliar subject when you’re stressed out of your mind!

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