The Blood Clot – Day 8

We are a week and a day with this darn blood clot.  His leg is still swollen and painful to walk on.  There is some hope however, since sections of his leg have started to go down.  His knee, for example, is almost back to normal.  Swaths of his upper thigh have gone down but not uniformly – it looks like he has had surgery or some sort of an accident with the way the leg is going down.  His foot is still quite swollen as is his calf.  It’s certainly not going down as fast or in the manner we had anticipated.  He will continue to have the injections daily.

Interestingly, our GP was by on Thursday and we chatted through the misconceptions we had about the blood clot.  At one point she mentioned that the medical community is somewhat divided on whether to provide the injections as a preventive measure for certain cancers – some oncologists support this proactive approach while others do not.  On reflection I realize that this was not anything we discussed with our Oncologist and should have.  Prior to getting cancer, my husband was on blood thinners as part of his daily regimen of pills.  All of his thinners were stopped when he was diagnosed with cancer and put in the care of the Oncologist.  Even though Oncology reviewed his list of medications when he started with them, as well as his medical history, there was no discussion or consideration of starting him on a preventive measure.  I realize now we should have raised the red flag on this item.

Back to today, he is still a little woozy but likely because his circulation is still not great.  His energy level is starting to come back and he is determined to try and get some sort of physical activity in – especially his Tai Chi.  It’s a relaxing activity and something he has done for several years.  Initially he started Tai Chi after an automobile accident in 2001 where, amongst other things, he broke his hip. The Tai Chi helps with his range of motion and is easily modified to his capabilities at any specific time.  We try to get his leg/foot elevated as much as possible when he is not moving around.  I wish I knew more about what to eat or drink that would help his body dissolve that clot.

2 comments on “The Blood Clot – Day 8

  1. Hey Jenny,

    Nice blogging, Trisha and I are following it. Just wanted to mention that Pa went through the clot problem too, they were going to put a filter in him….garlic thins the blood, that is about the only natural thing I know of.



    • Awesome – thanks! I knew that there was something out there. I have so many things that I am looking into that sometimes it’s easier just to ask somebody if they know. The blood clot is such as scary thing – not a lot of time if something goes sideways, so anything that I can do proactively and I am in.


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