Why Do I Blog?

I realized how important this outlet is for me.  I had no idea going in what to expect with respect to this disease.  There still are so many unknowns ahead of us, but as we progress along I capture some of the more clinical stuff.  How the system works here in Canada is all I know, it might be very different elsewhere, but some of the common symptoms, issues and scenarios must be universal.

I know that we have friends and family that follow this blog and it is a good way to get a quick update on our situation without waiting for me to answer or return a phone call.  There are days when I just don’t want to talk about it, and I know he doesn’t want to talk about it.  So the blog works well for saying, yup he’s great, or geez we are in a rough patch.  It also may provide insight for others who may be starting their own journey into the unknown chaos associated with cancer, and this blog provides an overview of some of what we have experienced so far as a Stage 4 Lung Cancer patient.

This really is my journal, at some point I may need to look back instead of forward to figure out what is going on.  Major events and concerns are captured here. The other thing it does is keeps my brain going.  I have about 8 to 10 other cancer “remedies”, “cures” or alternate treatments that I continue to research for this blog.

5 comments on “Why Do I Blog?

    • I live about an hour and a half north of Toronto, Ontario. As a family though we are spread out – I have a son in Alberta, and a good part of my family still lives in Newfoundland. My husband is from England and he still has family there as well as Australia.


      • O wow, I have a cousin in just outside Toronto. I’m in Calgary, we was in a small town south of Calgary but moved to the city. I love the east coast, however I have yet to go to Newfoundland. I know it has a big Irish influence which I’m keen to see. Lol another Brit, what part is your husband from? I’m spent most of my life in the Midlands but born in Yorkshire. My family is spread everywhere around the world. My parents are Irish so most of my family is in Ireland. To add to the mix my husband is Scottish so parties can be interesting. 😄


        • Newfoundland does have quite the Irish influence. It is a lovely spot (to visit) quite beautiful, but I like living in Ontario. My husband’s family is still in London, we try to get over to visit every couple of years. It’s an awesome place. My daughter went to work in England for a year when she was 18 (she’s 27 now!), and was up in Redcar. She loved it and has kept the friends she made there. My husband was born in Walthamstow, but came here when he was quite young. Sounds like your family did a big relocation too – it must be hard having everyone so far away.


  1. Sorry for the slow reply. Good on your daughter for traveling to another country. Yes it is hard, I had just returned from spending time in the UK with my family when I was diagnosed with cancer. Life is funny at times😄


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