The Birch Tree

I had the birch tree looked at. It was hit by lightning and has sustained serious damage both inside and outside of the trunk accompanied by a lengthy split. The bark was scorched and some of the upper branches look burnt.  It continues to ooze a black sap that likely reflects the fact that it was hit.   I was worried that it would be too much to bounce back from. In response to my call to the Lines Department of our local Hydro company, a gentleman came out to inspect the tree.  It is right beside the power lines for our road, and they routinely trim it back.  If the tree falls down, there will be no electricity for our street.  The fellow who looked at the tree told me that it was already healing. No doubt it was a good strike, but he felt that it would likely recover no problem. This was good news since it home to quite a few birds as well as being quite a lovely tree.

I realize now that I made a quick and uneducated assumption that the tree would never recover.  How could it?  It has been split down the trunk, it’s oozing black sap.  The very things I thought were killing it, likely are helping to heal it.  The split released the energy it was struck by and the black sap is removing the damaged fibre.  Not pretty, but necessary.  I under-estimated the resilience that all live things have.  It struck me that there was a lesson somewhere here for me.

The Scarred Tree

The Scarred Tree

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