Blood Clot – Day 4

Another day of restricted activity, enough to make a man crazy.  He’s still a little woozy and not confident on his feet.  The visiting nurse came and did check in to see how things were going.  The leg has gone down slightly but definitely not in a uniform manner.  There are large indentions in his flesh where the fluid has gone down, specifically above the knee and on the cheek of his butt, but at least it is a visible sign of the clot dissolving.  His colour, demeanour and even voice would suggest things are improving. Not the quick fix we had hoped for but still things are moving forward not backward!

I spoke with our nursing contact in Oncology to determine if his dosage from chemo treatment 1 to chemo treatment 2 was changed and she advised he had received the exact same dosage, there were no changes.  We considered a couple of things that could be contributors to the absolutely horrific week he had last week.  Naturally, the developing blood clot was likely one of the main factors making him feel so lousy.  He also got thrush at the same time, which could just be bad timing.  We talked about the need for regular bowel movements – he’s been very good up until the last few days.  I think we are on day 3 of no movements, and this was one thing that concerned the nurse, so a bowl of stewed prunes tonight after dinner will hopefully help in this regard.  By the end of our phone conversation the nurse had gathered a fair bit of information from me with respect to his existing condition.  She plans on calling me back on Thursday to note if any more improvements have been made.

Overall a bit better day on all fronts.  The furnace got installed, the car got fixed, the hydro agreed to come and look at my damaged tree.  All those mundane things that for some reason became so overwhelming are resolved or in the works and off my plate.  Amazing what a difference one day can make.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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