The Hiccups

One of the most annoying things he has had to deal with is the hiccups. They were quite frequent right after he finished his radiation and very painful. He has a cracked sternum so a sneeze, a big laugh or a hiccup hurt.  We thought that it was a side effect of the radiation because slowly a couple of weeks post radiation they abated.

With the start of chemotherapy the hiccups have returned. Once again, they are quite frequent, strong and very annoying.  They hurt, not as much as pre-radiation, but they still hurt.

We have since learned that hiccups are quite common after cancer treatments, be it radiation or chemotherapy.  There is medicine that can be taken if they are severe, but we were told that they do slowly decrease in number and intensity.  Frankly there are so many medicines already it gets overwhelming to try to add another one into the mix.  So, add that to the list of perks of having cancer, chemo hiccups (that’s sarcasm folks).


Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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