The Meds

As I replenished the pill box for the upcoming week I got a little scared.  There are so many pills for so many reasons.  There are also three different doctors prescribing meds for various reasons.  Tonight my anxiety level is quite high when I realized that he is still on a steroid (prescribed by the oncologist) that may have contraindications with another NSAID medication (prescribed by our GP) that he continues to take.  It’s 1:30 in the morning so I don’t have any options, it will have to wait for my GP’s office to open.  I’ve left a voicemail message asking whether or not he should be on both and in what dose.  We have blood work scheduled for later today in anticipation of chemotherapy tomorrow, so I will take my list of medications that he is currently taking and review it with the oncologist at our appointment later this afternoon.  Although I hope there are clear and concise lines of communication between the two I have my doubts.  The only way to be sure everyone is on the same page is if someone takes the lead, and it will be me since I have the most to lose.   

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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