Post Chemo – Days 4 and 5

Today is five days post chemo treatment and today I called the visiting nurse to come and administer hydration.  The first two or three days after his chemo treatment were okay, but we had two strong anti nausea medications for those days.  Once the meds ran out (day 4) things started to slip a little.  It became harder and harder for him to drink the required fluids and his appetite, although reasonably good on Sunday, was completely gone this morning.  He awoke this morning feeling quite lightheaded and we had to move slowly to get him up and about.  He was somewhat despondent and listless, with little to no energy to even move. His sister came for a visit and stayed for the long haul, helping him keep his mind occupied and encouraging him to eat.

Right now he’s resting while his saline is being administered through his picc line.  I will need to call the nursing agency when he gets down to his last 100ml and then a nurse will come and disconnect the IV and flush the picc line out.  It seems silly not to take advantage of the services that are available.  Hopefully he will be back on track after this, and good enough for an outing tomorrow, weather permitting.

Any thoughts or experiences to share? Leave them here.

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