Post Chemo – Day 3

The chemo treatment was Wednesday and we are now at Saturday.  Here is how the past few days played out.  Wednesday he was exhausted from the 5 hour treatment.  Not hungry nor thirsty.   Just sleepy.  On Thursday he woke up feeling good but went down hill fairly quickly with nausea and fatigue.  Not severe nausea since he was sent home with some meds (Emend) which worked very well.   He had some trouble getting in the 2 liters of water he needed to drink to flush his system out   The visiting nurse came to change the dressing on his picc line and assess how he was doing.  For dinner all he could manage was soup.  An early night but he slept soundly.

Friday we still had the anti nausea med so the nausea was well contained.  He had a visit from the GP to check out how he was doing.  Although he was tired he was a bit better than Thursday- still not interested in solid foods so it was another day of soup and scrambled eggs and the like.   And today, he is doing fairly well,  not really nauseous but not really interested in food. The fatigue is still there.

The apprehension going into this was huge.  We had so many people telling us how awful chemo was.  My husband had had such a terrible time with radiation treatments for his bone cancer that we had figured this would equal or surpass that experience.   So far, although the side effects are not pleasant, he is managing well.  We will keep our fingers crossed. 

One comment on “Post Chemo – Day 3

  1. I know how hard it is to see someone that you love and care about go through cancer and cancer treatment. Hugs to you both. Your husband is so strong. He is going to kick his cancer’s butt. 🙂


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