The First Chemo Treatment

Prior to attending the hospital today I made a phone call to the oncologist.   I had heard that usually there are medications that should be started the day before the treatment and we had not been prescribed any. That was yesterday.   Within 20 minutes of making my call I had four prescriptions faxed to the pharmacy. One he had to start yesterday, and three he brought with him for today’s session.   Because he gets an hour of hydration before his chemo infusion my husband is able to take the other meds when he gets to the clinic.

Once we arrived at the hospital we were sent to the cancer clinic.  The nurse reviewed my husband’s prescribed regimen of treatment with us and went over side effects, most will manifest tomorrow or the day after.  His dosage for chemo is a strong one and he is likely to experience nausea and perhaps vomiting.  We will have to wait and see.

So for today we have two different chemo preparations being administered as well as an hour of hydration before and then another hour after his treatment.  Will keep my fingers crossed that we can stay ahead of the side effects this time.

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