So we are prepping this week for chemo on Wednesday – things we need to do and what we can expect.   We got a call last week to get the much needed B12 shot for energy. (Thanks for the suggestion!)  We also were instructed to start taking folic acid daily for five days preceding the chemo start date, continue throughout and for 15 days after the last treatment.

Additional advice was to start increasing intake of protein especially on treatment day.  An egg, peameal bacon or something similar to start the day.  Our visiting nurse says that going in well hydrated is essential and to continue to hydrate throughout and after the session will make it easier on him.  The picc line will need to be flushed on Thursday and so this will be an opportunity for the nurse to visit the house to check on him. We also have our GP visiting on Friday.  So at least there will be some medical professionals to help us through this first treatment. 

It is a frightening process and it is almost upon us. Positive thoughts and positive energy will help get us through this.

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