Blood Pressure

So a new twist on the whole process.  Low blood pressure.  The man has been on blood pressure medications for over 6 years for high blood pressure.  He takes one 81 mg aspirin, one amlodipine, and one bisoprolol on a daily basis.  Two weeks ago, at our weekly visit to the doctor, we discussed his excessive fatigue.  The fatigue is definitely tied to the pain medications that he is taking but it also is a result of very low blood pressure.  The doctor reduced his amlodipine to 1/2 tablet, and then to a 1/4 tablet.  Yesterday she took him off of the amlodipine altogether and reduced his bisoprolol to 1/2 tablet.  Despite the reductions, we are still looking at blood pressure that is fairly low (100/72) for him. 

It is no wonder that he’s tired, his poor body is struggling to adjust to all these pain medications and then the side effect of the pain meds is the reduction in blood pressure.  Thank goodness we have a cuff in the house to measure his pressure.  We also have a glucose monitor and will, from this point forward, take his blood sugars twice daily.  It’s hard to imagine how the body will react to the significant changes it is going through.  For my husband, who is an extremely high energy individual, to have to go through each day in a daze, with absolutely zero energy to do anything is a new kind of mental torture to go along with the physical pain. 

This whole process is quite baffling and frightening.  We have been lost right from the beginning.  We have been depending on other “experts” who don’t reside in his body or have his illness.  Their expertise is through observation and science.  No doubt we need them and they are vital to the treatment process.  But “we” are more vital.  We talked through this last night and decided to stop letting the disease control us and start working on controlling the disease.    

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